Creampuff Bloomers are Back, Baby!

Creampuff Bloomers are Back, Baby!

We had an “Annus Horribilis” like Queenie Elizabeth II said (a bit of a Horrible Year!) & had to take time off from Creampuff by GG. We got to rest up, re-assess, focus on good stuff & make some changes. We’re back, ready to rock & here’s awesome news…..

Terrible Knee Pain!

What I Did Last Summer…
A leg selfie of me wearing Garden Party Creampuff Bloomers with torn knee ligaments – in pre-diagnosis & pre-surgery rehab. The pain was only made tolerable by an excellent Physio team, Ibuprofen, White Wine & of course, Creampuff Bloomers!




NEW Low Low Prices!! Creampuff Bloomers & Tops prices are now as low as in 2010!  Switching to online sales means prices don’t include hefty Retail Markups & Event entry fees. Yaay!

KILLER SALES & CLEARANCES coming soon! We want to sell-off stock to make room for more. This is a FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY to score some ‘Puffs at amazing prices!

Our SHOPPING CART is now directly linked to our ETSY PAGE. Don’t be be scared… it’s super-secure & ensures excellent communications with you!

Gorgeous new Creampuff fabrics are planned for the future so stay tuned for more fun. Thanks for your love & patience while we’ve been away!

GG xox