What are Creampuffs?


WHAT ARE CREAMPUFF BLOOMERS? Created to combat thigh-rub, the bloomers are based on vintage lingerie, but re-designed with modern considerations for fashion & comfort. In the past they’ve been called petti-pants, tap-pants, knickers. Made with special fabrics, excellent fit & size range, creampuffs are a hybrid of sports shorts and sexy pretty lingerie to wear everyday! Creampuff bloomers are super-comfy, super-sexy. Cooler than cotton, better than bare. So cute who cares if they show!


WHAT ARE LIL BANDAID TOPS? A sophisticated alternative to camisoles – no bigger than your bra. Fills in too-low or too-revealing necklines & armholes. Lil Bandaid tops are fashionable coverage without bulk, annoying straps or the bother of safety pins & garment tape. Won’t bunch up, slide down or give you “uni-boob”! Breathable, contoured, comfy, great fit. Wear them ruffle up or ruffle down to suit your look.

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Our “Plus Size” Creampuff Girl