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“How do I wash my Creampuffs?”


SUPER-EASY LAUNDRY CARE! Creampuffs are easy-care – generally machine wash & dry. Creampuffs look delicate but are quite durable! The mesh fabrics are non-static & non-staining. Creampuffs will softly stretch out like a t-shirt when you wear them and return to shape with washing & drying.

Creampuffs softly stretch like a t-shirt and return to shape after washing & drying. We use the best cotton elastic so waistbands are soft but long-lasting.

ForeverNew-LargeSizeGENERAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash & dry in warm to cool temperature delicate or hand-wash in warm to cool temperatures. Avoid use of chlorine bleach. Of course we recommend one our favourite laundry product lines, Forever New Gentle Washing Products, which are made in Canada, bio-degradable, super-gentle for even the most sensitive skin & amazing on all fabrics.

SPECIAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We sometimes suggest a bit of extra care with the lace fabrics, which can be washed in a lingerie bag or with a delicate cycle. Dark-colour lace sometimes releases dye with the first few washing so don’t put them in with your ‘whites’! Special care instructions are indicated on hang tags & in fabric descriptions. We ‘test-drive’ our products to make sure you have the best results.

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