How to wear ’em?


Creampuff Girl Walking Her Dog“So many ways to wear Creampuff Bloomers!”

Originally designed to combat debilitating thigh-rub, Creampuff bloomers are dazzling little multi-taskers!  Ideal at work, play, travel & rest.  Skip the slip & bike shorts with office dresses, Creampuff bloomers suit your commute & crazy schedule. Ride your bike, walk to work, sitting in icky public transit. In cool weather, Creampuff bloomers protect your expensive tights and hosiery from wear & tear and add a lovely layer to your shorter dresses and tunics.

At home they’re the most comfy shorts you can wear. Awesomely comfy as PJ’s & wonderful for ‘night-sweats’. Wear them over bathing suits to the beach to disguise your derriere, sit on hot sand, and as ‘rash-guard’ shorts. Cute over your suit to swim, sit in the hot tub & or the sauna.  A girlie alternative to sport shorts, Creampuff bloomers are brilliantly breathable over leggings at workout class or hot yoga.  Our motorcycle mama’s love them under leathers as non-chafing  & super-sexy. Ride your cruiser bike and scooter with freedom & girlie flair!

Create Vintage looks with Creampuff bloomers, sexy corset, garter belt and stockings.  Swing-dancers, lindy-hop & roller derby girls regularly rock ’ em.  Our customers always discover new ways to wear’em!

“So many ways to wear Lil Bandaid Tops!”

We got so sick of camisoles with Everything – just to fill in our necklines!  Grrr….  all day adjusting falling camisole straps, continually re-tucking things into our undies & tights, tugging at hot layers. Always fussing with pins in wrap tops!! Always having that “camisole look” with everything!? Grrr… again!

With the objective of freedom & fashion in mind, we designed Lil Bandaid tops. RESULT –  a curved & contoured little bandeau top: cute, comfy, breathable & carefree.  Lil Bandaid tops replace all those homogenous camisoles & add sophistication to your outfits.  Fill in all your too-low, too-revealing , poorly-engineered necklines, armholes & backs. 

No more pinning & taping!  As a Costumer in the Vancouver Film & TV industry, GG sees first-hand how the Star’s wardrobes seem flawless.  Why do the womens’ blouses & dresses look perfect even with obviously ‘enhanced’ bustlines??  It’s because they’re carefully ‘taped’ in!  On-set Costumers use pieces of “wardrobe tape” to secure buttonholes, fronts, sides, armholes, strapless clothing.  You can do that too, but if you want to move around & be fuss-free, try our fab Lil Bandaid tops!


beach-bloomers-urban-barn“Creampuffs are cute, light & easy to pack!”

PLANNING A TRIP? Creampuffs are a no-sweat TRAVEL ESSENTIAL!  They take up zero space  in your carry-on luggage and serve as multifunction garments for your trip. Creampuffs are your PJ’s (cute enough to run down the hall in!), bathing suit cover, yoga or sauna wear, nightclub gear, sexy undies, hot weather shorts – all in one tiny package! Since 2008, Creampuff Girls have pinned flags all over the global map. Creampuffs have hiked the gusty Scottish Highlands, braved Canadian Prairie Winters, played in the sea in Belize and endured extreme heat & humidity in Africa & Thailand. Quick-dry. Fun to wear. Saving thighs throughout the world!


Show us how you wear your Creampuffs!

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