How it all started…


“The Thigh-Chafing Road to Creampuffs”

Creampuff Bloomers & Lil Bandaid Tops are GG’s creation of something she couldn’t find in the marketplace.  The result – a hybrid of quick-dry active-wear and sexy vintage-style lingerie. Uniquely designed with with figure-flattering fit, functional fabrics and practical details. Creampuff Bloomers and Lil Bandaid Tops are a year ’round 24/7 essential for every woman’s wardrobe.

In Summer 2008, GG Endean debuted a small collection (67 pairs!) of Creampuff “Girlie Boxer Shorts” Bloomers at Vancouver’s  Portobello West Markets to delightful 80% sell-outs.  Later the Lil Bandaid top was created with the same spirit of “need it but can’t find it”, and comfort philosphy. Creampuff by GG garments complement and extend every woman’s wardrobe. Bloomers available in Regular & Plus Size and Tops fit from about 34A to 40DD+.


“The Design”

“The best clothing has great cut & great fabric”, according to GG, creator of Creampuff by GG.  We take extra care to ensure our bloomers & tops flatter your girlie curves & give you freedom to have fun. Our styles & sizes have been refined over time for maximum comfort & best fit. We carefully choose only top-quality materials – gorgeous, breathable fabrics & sweet trims.  Since 2008 Creampuff by gg garments have been made in the same friendly Vancouver factory that works closely with us to ensure quality & consistency. We consider that excellent sustainability!

Creampuff Collections match fashion colour palettes & classic looks so you’ve always got something cute to wear! Bloomers and Top mix & match beautifully to complement your wardrobe.  Fabrics range from opaque (for excellent coverage) to semi-sheer and pretty lace – all carefully selected for softness, stretch & durability. Wherever possible we source from local & North American suppliers.  We use the best-quality cotton-covered elastic – very comfortable & long-lasting.  Waistband & bra-band elastic is enclosed in our fabric, never in contact with your delicate skin.


“Who is behind Creampuff by GG?”

Gerry-Gail “GG” Endean launched “Creampuff by GG” in 2008 wih a small collection of “girlie boxer shorts” bloomers with an 80% sell-out. Since then she has sold thousands of pairs & she delights in seeing women transformed by her products. Her company combines textile knowledge, pattern-making, a passion for history,  innovative thinking & a sense of humour.  Her rich background includes work as Costumer & Designer in the Vancouver Film & TV and Theatre industry, plus extensive department store merchandising & management. Her award-winning designs have been featured on stage, in costumed theme-parks, photography, TV and documentaries.

The vintage-inspired “Creampuff by GG” collections are feminine, sexy, comfy & unique. She is a history & classic film buff. GG lives in North Vancouver with her husband Marcus, a Vancouver Film Industry Storyboard Artist & Illustrator and with Freddie, the rescue budgie.  She is a recovering fabricholic.

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