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About Our Creampuff by GG Product

WHAT ARE CREAMPUFF BLOOMERS? Created to combat thigh-rub, the bloomers are based on vintage lingerie, but re-designed with modern considerations for fashion & comfort. In the past they’ve been called petti-pants, tap-pants, knickers. Made with special fabrics, excellent fit & size range, creampuffs are a hybrid of sports shorts and sexy pretty lingerie to wear everyday! Creampuff bloomers are super-comfy, super-sexy. Cooler than cotton, better than bare. So cute who cares if they show!

WHAT ARE LIL BANDAID TOPS? A sophisticated alternative to camisoles – no bigger than your bra. Fills in too-low or too-revealing necklines & armholes. Lil Bandaid tops are fashionable coverage without bulk, annoying straps or the bother of safety pins & garment tape. Won’t bunch up, slide down or give you “uni-boob”! Breathable, contoured, comfy, great fit. Wear them ruffle up or ruffle down to suit your look.

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Our Thigh Rub Solution!

CAN I PREVENT THIGH-RUB? Years of suffering through thigh-rub & chafing prompted GG to create a cute & comfy alternative to men’s boxers, hot bike shorts, DIY cut-off tights. We hear sad stories of women who resort to deoderant, runner’s glide, creams, oils & powders! We think a simple and healthy solution is old-fashioned bloomers – updated! Creampuffs are designed with modern textile technology. We use soft, fine mesh fabrics in nylon or polyester blends for their non-absorbant properties. These beautiful fabrics ‘wick-away’ moisture from your skin, prevent chafing, heat rash and ‘thigh-rub’. Pretty ruffle hems keeps bloomer legs from bunching or rolling up and are smooth against your leg. Creampuffs are designed to fit beautifully, stay-put & be comfy. It’s totally normal for your thighs to rub together – creampuffs just keep them from loving each other too much!

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What Size Am I?

What Size Am I?

Creampuff Sizing is Comfy!

WHAT SIZE AM I? Creampuff bloomers fit loosely like boxer shorts, not tight like panties or spanx-type garments. They are actually cuter & sexier a bit loose! Our easy-fit ‘feel good’ sizes fit generously. You’ll probably take a smaller size than you’d expect! The waistband sits at your natural waistline, just below your belly-button so it “stays-put” and won’t create a line under skirts & dresses. Regular sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Gorgeous Plus Sizes +1 and +2 designed with longer legs for your cuteness & comfort. Check out our sizing chart or contact us for more details.

Creampuff Lil Bandaid tops are designed to fit softly over your bra, but can also be worn alone as a non-supportive comfort bra. Lil Bandaid’s bottom elastic hem will sit comfortably on your bra band and the top elastic on your chest where the bra cup & strap meet. Lil Bandaids are contoured to fit “over the girls” to not give you “uni-boob” like a conventional bandeaux. It stays-put, won’t bunch or creep down. t the back, Lil Bandaid is curved to cover your bra – to smooth & hide it under clothing. Sizes fit ribcage about 34″ to 40″ and cup size about B to G. Check out our sizing chart or contact us for more details.

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So many ways to wear your Creampuffs!

HOW DO I WEAR THEM? We can’t count all the ways! Wear them to work under dresses, to bed as PJ’s, as shorts around the house, on the beach over a bathing suit, on a holiday cruise, riding a bike or scooter, over leggings to workout class, yoga and dancing. Dress to the nine’s with a corset or naughty garter belt and stockings! Swing- dancers & roller derby girls rock ’em! Our motorcycle mama’s love them under their leathers! Creampuff bloomers protect your expensive tights and hosiery from wear & tear and add a lovely layer to your shorter dresses and tunics. Our customers are always finding new ways to wear their Creampuffs. Let us know what you do!

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Cute, Light and Easy to Pack!

GOING ON VACATION? Creampuffs are a vacation necessity – easy to pack, dry in minutes & have a ton of uses! With Creampuffs you’ve got your PJ’s, bathing suit cover-up, undies & hot weather shorts – all in one tiny package. Our customers travel with creampuffs to destinations with high heat & extreme humidity and still report amazing comfort! Creampuffs are also cozy in cool weather as the mesh fabrics act like a light thermal layer. Creampuffs have hiked the Scottish Highlands & braved Canadian Prairie Winters!

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How do I wash my Creampuffs?

SUPER-EASY LAUNDRY CARE! Creampuffs are easy-care – generally machine wash & dry. Creampuffs look delicate but are quite durable! The mesh fabrics are non-static & non-staining. Creampuffs will softly stretch out like a t-shirt when you wear them and return to shape with washing & drying.

General Care: Machine wash & dry in warm to cool temperature delicate or hand-wash in warm to cool temperatures. Avoid use of chlorine bleach. Of course we recommend one our favourite laundry product lines, Forever New Gentle Washing Products, which are made in Canada, bio-degradable, super-gentle for even the most sensitive skin & amazing on all fabrics.

*Special Care: We sometimes suggest a bit of extra care with the lace fabrics, which can be washed in a lingerie bag or with a delicate cycle. Dark-colour lace sometimes releases dye with the first few washing so don’t put them in with your ‘whites’! Special care instructions are indicated on hang tags & in fabric descriptions. We ‘test-drive’ our products to make sure you have the best results.

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Where are Creampuffs Made?

Creampuffs are Local! Creampuff by GG products are proudly designed & manufactured in a friendly factory in Vancouver, BC Canada. We are happy to ship worldwide & welcome wholesale inquiries. Contact us for more information.

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The Road to Creampuffs

Creampuff Bloomers & Lil Bandaid Tops are GG’s creation of garments she “wanted but couldn’t find” in the marketplace. The designs are a hybrid of quick-dry active-wear and vintage-style lingerie with with lovely fit, flattering design, functional fabrics and practical details. Creampuff Bloomers and Lil Bandaid Tops are a year ’round essential for every woman’s wardrobe.

In Summer 2008, GG Endean debuted a small collection (67 pairs!) of Creampuff “Girlie Boxer Shorts” Bloomers at Portobello West Markets with delightful 80% sell-outs. Lil Bandaid top was created with the same spirit of “need it but can’t find it”. The two garments complement and extend any woman’s wardrobe. Bloomers are available in Regular & Plus Size.

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The Design

Creampuff Bloomers & Lil Bandaid Tops

Lil Bandaid Top & Creampuff By GG-Diagram

The best clothing has great cut & great fabric. We take extra care at Creampuff by GG to flatter your girlie curves with excellent design, comfort, fashion & freedom. World-class fabrics and trims contribute to these soon-to-be-favourite accessories. Creampuff by gg garments are made by a small, friendly Vancouver factory that works closely with us to ensure consistency and quality.

Collections suit both seasonal fashion colour palettes & classic looks. Bloomers and tops can mix & match beautifully and complement your wardrobe pieces. Fabrics range from opaque for excellent coverage to sheer and lace; carefully selected for softness, stretch & quality from two of the world’s highest-ranking fabric producers Korea & France. Waistband & bra-band elastic is the best-quality cotton-covered: very comfortable & long-lasting.

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Who is the Artist/Designer behind Creampuff by GG?

Artist Bio

GG_mannMeow_flatGerry-Gail “GG” Endean launched “creampuff by gg” in 2009 creating garments she couldn’t find for herself in the marketplace. Her company is an amalgam of a background which includes extensive department store management, purchasing & merchandising; over 10 years as Costumer & Designer with Vancouver Film, TV & theatre and ongoing work as costume & fashion stylist. Her award-winning designs have been featured on stage, in costumed theme-parks, photography, TV and documentaries.

The vintage-inspired “creampuff by gg” collections are feminine, sexy, comfy & unique. She is a classic film buff & lifetime student of costume history. Gerry-Gail lives in North Vancouver with husband Marcus, a film storyboard artist & illustrator and Freddie the rescue budgie. She is a recovering fabriholic.

For more information about Creampuff by GG, contact us!

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